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Sunset Catamaran Sail

Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019

Place: Marina

          Clearwater Beach, FL

With rain in the forecast, ALL* IEYC members that signed up for June’s event, the Sunset Catamaran, met last Saturday at the Marina Cantina.  Members were greeted with leis as everyone took their seats at the Marina Cantina.  Scott Moncrieff opened the evening with a warm welcome.  Brochures for upcoming events including the Island Girl’s Luncheon (see attached or included flyer) and the Country Western Party were handed out as members reunited with each other.  The atmosphere and conversation were easy and relaxed.  The Cantina’s service and food was definitely above average.  That and the close proximity to the Kai Lani made the Cantina a perfect restaurant for this event.


After dinner, members made their way to the Kai Lani Catamaran were Bill, the captain, welcomed us aboard.  On board drinks were purchased as we enjoyed each other’s company.  The warm moist breeze of the gulf and overcast skies made the temperature rather pleasant.  The weather held out for about 45 minutes as clouds so began rolling in.  Tunes of Gilligan’s Island were being hummed when Captain Bill decided to make his way back to the marina.  A good decision on his part—within minutes of disembarking rain set in.  Although we didn’t get to experience a “sunset” cruise, all felt that the event was exciting and enjoyable.  Captain Bill graciously offered everyone on board half-off on a future cruise.


Thank you, Captain Bill, and your crew, for being such professional and entertaining hosts on board the Kai Lani Catamaran.

     *Sue Moncrieff was unable to sail with us.  She has a broken knee cap and must keep her leg straight for it to heal properly.  We missed you very much Sue!  Hope you feel better and heal fast!!

                        Submitted by Angie Traupman

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