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Blind Auction

Date: Friday, May 13, 2022

Place: Belleair Country Club

Belleair, FL

The Blind Auction is a favorite with the membership of IEYC, and 2022 did not disappoint anyone.  We had full round tables with lots of conversation and much laughter.  Belleair Country Club served us a wonderful dinner with our choice of salmon or chicken and all the extras including complimentary appetizers. Thank you Patricia and Jim Ostrosky for making these arrangements.  We also had several guests attending who were as crazy as the rest of us. 


We need to give special thanks to our greeters who passed out our name tags, Marie Ross and Mary Reinhardt and Arnie Shal and our Club members who helped, Linda and John Garrity and the Butterflies. 


Scott was funny calling out the items people brought with them.  Bunni and Scott, Angie, Marie and Sue were open to bribes as they passed out the dollars.... actually hundreds!


Then the bidding began with Commodore Gene doing an amazing job as auctioneer.  All were great in making sure everyone got to take something home.  Many people got fantastic gifts.  We added the new twist of being able to steal from each other including the ever gallant Jim who stole a gift just so Patti could take it home.


It was a great evening... if you missed it this year, we hope we will see you next time.


-- Submitted by Scott and Sue Moncrieff

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