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Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Date: Sunday, April 24, 2022

Place: Dunedin Golf Club

Dunedin, FL

Cheeseburgers in Paradise?  Yes, that was the theme for the Island Estates Yacht Club party held at Dunedin Golf Club on Sunday, April 24th.  Thirty-two members and guests enjoyed fun filled activities.  For starters, teams competed for prizes by playing the Corn Hole game, Hole-in-One and Water Blaster game which required hitting a target.  

The top finishers:

  • 1st Place – The Coral Reefers – Don Prokes, Tina Yegge, Doreen & Tom Cross and Doug Small.

  • 2nd Place – The Parrots – Nancy Besley, Sue Speck, Dianne Stebbins, Angie Traupman, and Bob Compton.

  • 3rd Place – The Land Sharks – Irene Seiter, Marie Ross, Harry Bickford, Sara Speck & John Speck.   Well Done!


Thanks to the Game Directors - Scott Moncrieff, Jim Ostrosky and Arnie Shal.


The group then proceeded to the “burger bar” which included great burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken with all the fixings, fruit, salads and a super hot fudge sundae.


A table of “What’s This?” was displayed with obscure items for guests to guess what they might be.  Hilarious answers followed.  During dessert, a lively Trivia Game was conducted by hosts Arne Shal and Mary Reinhardt.  Those with winning answers got to choose a mystery prize.

-- Submitted by Mary Reinhardt & Arnie Shal

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