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Annual Blind Auction

Date: Friday, March 6, 2020

Place: Belleair Country Club

          Belleair, FL

Many thanks to the 40 + folks who came out for a great meal and evening at the Belleair Country Club.  We ate and then "earned" money for all the "stuff" we brought with us.  Some folks were amazing -- the amount of "stuff" they brought.   Then we used all the "funny money" we earned to purchase some really neat wrapped gifts.  Of course we didn't know what treasures were under the gift wrap!  Ask Mary R about the hundred dollar bill she found inside the clock she purchased!


Gene Traupman was the auctioneer while Bob Harmon and Scott Moncrieff generated a little energy to raise the bidding.  Sue Moncrieff and Sherry Vincent decorated each place with cups of mints, chocolate and hundred dollar bills.

Many thanks to Patty O for arranging the wonderful room at the BCC, Mary Reinhardt for the beautiful name tags, and Sherry Vincent, Sue Moncrieff, Bob Harmon and Jan Nagy for their great help!


Next year we are considering earmarking two gifts to be traded -- just to make it a little cutthroat.  

In all, great food, lots of laughs and loads of fun were the order of the evening. 

      -Submitted by Scott Moncrieff

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