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Ferry to Dunedin & Dinner at Sea Sea Riders

Date: Sunday, March 10, 2019

Place: Downtown Marina in Clearwater &

          Dinner at Sea Sea Riders

On Sunday, March 10th the IEYC members and guests gathered at Sea Sea Riders for food and fun.  Sixteen of our members chose to take a beautiful boat ride on the Clearwater Ferry relaxing with red and white sangria.  A short walk to Sea Sea Riders and the fun began.  A chance to win $50,000 was the prize awarded to the three who mingled most!  With drinks in hand, smoked salmon dip, calamari, and fried avocado appetizers provided by Sea Sea’s, the group mingled trying to find others that shared their birthdays, color of shoes, and middle initial as well as those who vacationed outside the US in the past year and those who have 3 or more grandchildren.  Barbara Loubier was the winner with Joan Landreth and Mary Reinhardt closely behind.  Unfortunately, the lottery tickets they won did not pay off, but it was fun nevertheless.


Commodore Scott Moncrieff blew the fog horn to begin the evening at 6:30. He welcomed the five guests:

  • Kenny Guara was a guest of Sharon Foster

  • Sheila Wainwright and Art Gallery were guests of Harry and Carol Bickford

  • Bill Clarke was a guest of Barbara Gipson

  • Amanda Sandlin was a guest of Angie Traupman


Jim Ostrosky gave the invocation and dinner orders were taken.  Conversation and laughter filled the room.  The evening concluded with those riding the ferry back to Clearwater strolling back to the dock and others saying their goodbyes at the restaurant.


Many thanks to:

-JoAnn Jacobson for being the host and coordinating the restaurant and menu.

-Angie Traupman for coordinating the ferry ride and serving the red and white sangria.

-Amanda, Angie’s daughter, for being the event photographer.

-Harry and Carol Bickford for volunteering to meet and greet those riding the ferry.

-Mary Reinhardt for her fabulous job on the flyer, taking reservations and making the name tags.

                          Submitted by JoAnn Jacobson

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