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IEYC Spring Buffet

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019

Place: The home of Sue & Scott Moncrieff

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone who helped to make our Spring Buffet a success!  Our party planning committee consisting of Linda and John Garrity, Barbara Loubier, Paul Lightfoot, Dave and June Rickard, Angie and Gene Traupman, and Ani and Leo Merriam came through with great food, charming hosting and superb bartending.  Sharon Tucker, and Jean and Scott Sanders also helped provide delicious food.


Sue and I had all the tables outside and inside set up for 47 guests, and then the skies opened up with almost 2 hours worth of rain.  We dried the tablecloths, and then reset the tables and hoped the rain was over.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, especially when our entertainment – Comedic Magician Erick Olson, began “working the crowd”.  After the main course, Erick went to work and it was interesting to watch.  People chuckled at the humor, oohed at the magic tricks, and then it happened – you could read it on our faces “how in the world did he do that??”  Over and over Erick made us laugh and “wowed” us.  Thanks, Erick – you are the best!  I think Gary Bookout got some great shots of some of us acting crazy!

After dessert, Carolyn Bookout began playing sing-a-long tunes on the piano, which was a wonderful end to a great evening together.

Several folks brought “hostess gifts” which of course were not necessary, but are appreciated.  We will save the wine for our next “event”.  The ice bucket was perfectly timed.  I am sorry to say some of the wine came without names of donors so this will have to suffice for the “thank you”. 

We are looking forward to our next event hosted by Tom and Vivian Smith – the Cinco de Mayo Party.  Please get your reservations in early.  It is really important that we do this!

  Scott Moncrieff, Commodore

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