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Cinco de Mayo

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019

Place: Pool Cabana at Lighthouse Towers

          Clearwater Beach, FL

Bright sunshine turning to sunset and the following afterglow accompanied by a gentle breeze was the perfect backdrop for the May 4th Cinco de Mayo Fiesta party at the Lighthouse Towers Cabana on the pool deck.  The event was truly a group effort with everyone bringing their favorite Mexican dishes to share.  

Muchas gracias to committee members: The Traupmans…Angie, Gene and Katie for coming early to help get things set up and decorate…AND for the fabulous and fun photo booth!!!  Watch for photos taken by our own professional photographer, Gary Bookout.  Mary Reinhardt gave her artistic theme touches to the party flyer and name tags.  Behind the scenes in their absence Paul Lightfoot and Barbara Loubier shared their ice chest to assist with making sure we had plenty of ice for cold water and yes, ice cold Mexican beer and of course the yummy frozen margaritas.  It was a very relaxing outdoor tropical evening enjoyed by IEYC members and guests.

        Submitted by hosts Tom and Vivian Smith

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