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Country-Western Party - 2019

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019

Place: Brookfield Clubhouse

          Clearwater, FL

The IEYC’s Country-Western Party took place Saturday, July 20, 2019 at the Brookfield Clubhouse in Clearwater. Committee members included Angie Traupman, Joan Landreth, Mary Reinhardt, Jean and Scott Sanders, and Patti and Jim Ostrosky.

Upon entering the room, the IEYC jail was framed by prickly pear and saguaro cacti, western barrels, guns, dynamite, snakes and other western paraphernalia.  Outlaw posters with pictures and crimes committed by all attendees were scattered on tables.  Members and guest received their nametags and found they now belonged to either the Earp or Clanton family, and some were even outlaws!

The night began with appetizers including shrimp cocktail, barbeque pork tenderloin, veggies with ranch dressing, a meat and cheese tray, and fresh fruit.  Angie Traupman welcomed all members and guests.  Commodore Scott Moncrieff invited Elaine Horn to introduce her two guest, Joyce Orebraugh and Rebecca Fowler.  Kristen and Steve Vincelli graciously provided the music and were a big part of the entertainment along with their sons, Isaac and Nic.  They brought Kristen’s sister Diana Riddle and her aunt, Lisa Miller.

Sonny’s ribs, pulled chicken, mac and cheese, green bean and coleslaw did not disappoint our appetites as well as salad, corn muffins and garlic bread!  Desserts included mini cupcakes and cookies.

Soon after dinner, line dancing began with Kristen teaching “Red Neck Girl.”  Paul Lightfoot proved his name (light on his feet) as he 2-stepped with Barb Loubier, Joan Landreth, Angie Traupman and yes, Gene Traupman.  Many dressed in western attire, Mary and Arnie wore western hats, holsters made to hold beer, and vests.  Sue Moncrieff was adorned with an intricately beaded necklace and western vest.  Scott Moncrieff brought his own cow’s head.  Gene Traupman wore a Dallas Cowboy jersey?!

Music continued throughout the evening as the Sheriff (Steve Vincelli) and his deputies (Nic and Isaac) arrested 7 outlaws and placed them in the IEYC jail.  The Earps and Clantons gathered in to their perspective families.  The teams them competed to earn $10,000 bail money before the outlaws could break out of jail.  The outlaws won by breaking out of jail before bail was made by either family.  The competition proved to be a fun time for all.

Time flew by and soon the evening concluded.  Thanks to ALL who stayed to help.  Special thanks to Kirsten and Steve Vincelli, Katie Traupman, Joan Landreth, Mary Reinhardt, and Gene Traupman.  And helping with decorations but not in attendance, Scott and Jean Sanders.

  - Submitted by Host Angie Traupman

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