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2023 IEYC Annual Meeting & Member Recognition Banquet
(Une Soiree en Noir et Blanc: An Evening in Black and White)

Merci beaucoup à tous, thank you very much everyone!!! The IEYC 49th Annual Meeting and Member Recognition Banquet was held on Sunday November 5, 2023, at the Dunedin Golf Club. The theme was Une Soiree en Noir et Blanc: An Evening in Black and White, with an seven course French-themed degustation (tasting) menu. Attendance included 34 members and 2 guests who were encouraged to dress in Black and White.

As members and guests arrived, David Hardy provided entertainment playing the piano, hors d'oeuvres of Gougres, Cornets of Truffle Cheese, and Hummus with French Crackers were enjoyed, and members mingled and caught up with each other. Fleet Captain John Speck rung the event open which was followed by a Salute to the Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Annual Meeting and Member Recognition Banquet committee of Bunni Lefebvre, Nancy Besley, Sue Moncrieff, Mary Reinhardt, and Angie Traupman were recognized as was Chuck Crossman of the Dunedin Golf Club. After guests Chuck and Sue Ulrey were recognized, we took a moment as Commodore Lefebvre said a few words about the 2023 "End of Watch" for Past-Commodores Eileen Gunther (2017), Patricia Johnson (2004), and Scott Sanders (2013) followed by Fleet Captain Speck ringing Eight Bells.​

As the Annual Meeting opened, the 2023 Flag Officers and Board of Directors were recognized and reports were presented.

In the photo, from left to right: Director Scott Moncrieff, Director Sue Moncrieff, Treasurer Patricia Ostrosky, Vice Commodore James Ostrosky, Commodore Scott Lefebvre, Secretary Mary Reinhardt, and Director and Social Committee Chair Bunni Lefebvre.  Missing from the photo is Past-Commodore Gene Traupman.

The IEYC 2024 Proposed Slate of Officers and Directors was presented to the membership and approved.



In the photo, from left to right: Director Ted O'Brien, Director Sara Speck, Treasurer Nancy Besley, Vice Commodore Don Prokes, Commodore Scott Lefebvre, Secretary Mary Reinhardt, Director and Social Committee Chair Bunni Lefebvre, and Past-Commodore Scott Moncrieff.

Fleet Captain Speck rung the Annual Meeting closed after which the invocation was delivered and the second course, the Amuse Bouche, was presented to the members. This included an Endive Leaf salad with finely chopped apple, celery, walnuts, and a goat cheese crumble. The third course, a fish course, with Cognac Shrimp over a Polenta Cake with Beurre Blanc Sauce was enjoyed before the fourth course, a chicken course, was presented including a Chicken Roulade with Brie and Asparagus.  As the meal was ending, courses five, six, and seven were presented as one. The "Sweet, Cheese, and Dessert" course included hard and soft cheeses, nuts, and candied orange peel enrobed in dark chocolate.

When everyone was finished with their meal, the Recognition portion of the evening was rung open by Fleet Captain Speck. 

Commodore Lefebvre then made a special reveal.  The Betsy Ross of the IEYC, Carol Bickford, spent countless hours cleaning and repairing the IEYC's "Big Burgee" this past year.  The "Big Burgee" was opened up and revealed in all of it's glory and ready to make appearances at future events.  Thank you Carol for bringing this treasure back to life!





Commodore Lefebvre then thanked the Flag Officers, Board of Directors, Social Directors, and Standing Committees for helping him navigate the club through a complicated, fun filled, and successful year. Commodore Lefebvre shared that although "Your past does not define your future, but it certainly helps shape it. The IEYC’s past has certainly had an impact on where we all sit today, and where we will be tomorrow." He then shared that there are five current members that are Past Commodores of the IEYC took a moment to publicly thank these five individuals that have helped define the IEYC that we see today.  


1992 Past Commodore John Speck

2010 Past Commodore Marcia Coxhead

2016 Past Commodore Vivian Smith

2019 Past Commodore Scott Moncrieff

2020-2022 Past Commodore Gene Traupman

After calling the 2023 Flag Officers and Board of Directors to the podium to personally thank them for their service in 2023, Commodore Lefebvre made a special presentation to Vice Commodore Jim Ostrosky and Treasurer Patricia Ostrosky for their time and service to the IEYC.

"Jim and Patricia, there is nothing that I can say, or do, or give you that captures everything that you have done for the IEYC since you joined. Nor is there anything that I can say, or do, or give you that expresses the gratitude for what you have done. Please know that each and every one of us in this room appreciates you, and appreciates everything that you have done, not only for the IEYC, but for us as people. You have made a difference in our lives and we are forever grateful for what you have done for us. Thank you."

Commodore Lefebvre presented each a special challenge coin, as a symbol of gratitude for everything they have given to everyone in the IEYC.

Continuing with recognition, Commodore Lefebvre moved onto recognizing and thanking the club's Social Committee:

  • Social Director and Lead Butterfly, Bunni Lefebvre;

  • Mary Reinhardt, master of making event flyers, nametags and tent cards, and taking reservations;

  • Angie Traupman, the cricut queen;

  • Sue Moncrieff, the voice of reason and our Chief Etiquette Officer;

  • Nancy Besley, the newest member of the committee and resident AV Wizard.


After a quick recap of the events of 2023, Commodore Lefebvre turned the floor over to the Social Committee to proceed with the Member Recognition Program. Throughout the year, ribbons were presented and hung on the IEYC flag for a variety of contributions, from those members of the club for 25 years or longer, to event hosts, helpers, bringing guests, or sponsoring a new member. Two ribbons will be pulled, each receiving a $50 voucher to be used towards a 2024 event. Commodore Lefebvre placed all ribbons into a glass container so they could be mixed up.  He then had member Harry Barash draw a ribbon. The first winner was Sue and Scott Moncrieff, and the ribbon was for their bringing guests to an event.  Social Committee Chair Bunni Lefebvre then presented the Moncrieff's their voucher. Commodore Lefebvre then had member Carol Bickford draw a ribbon. The second winner was Don Prokes, and the ribbon was for his assisting at the Men's Regatta event. Social Committee Chair Bunni Lefebvre then presented Don Prokes with his voucher.

With member recognition complete, Social Committee Chair Lefebvre then provided an overview of the remaining 2023 events, to include the Change of Watch on December 1st and the Belleair Country Club, the New Years Day Brunch at Bon Appetite in Dunedin. She also provided a sneak peak at some of the 2024 events to include a proposed "Tugboats and Top Hats" on the Little Toot in Clearwater Beach, Frankie and Annette's Sand Key Beach Party, the November Annual Meeting at Carlouel Beach and Yacht Club and our 2024 Change of Watch at the Countryside Country Club.


With the conclusion of the meal and everyone full and the member recognition complete, members and guests continued to enjoy the music and their time together. However, all good things must come to an end. With the IEYC 2023 Annual Meeting and Member Recognition Banquet complete, Fleet Captain Speck rang the event closed, signifying the end to another successful IEYC event.

Submitted by Scott and Bunni Lefebvre

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