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2023 IEYC Blind Auction

The Blind Auction is a favorite with the membership of IEYC, and 2023 did not disappoint anyone. Members and guests were greeted at the door by Member Nancy Besley while wrapped auction gifts were collected by Sue Moncrieff, Bunni Lefebvre, Linda Garrity, and a few other members as needed. Oh, the impressive and beautiful table of auction gifts there were. Members and guests then chose seats at the beautifully autumnal decorated tables, took to a cocktail or two, and began to mingle and catch up with friends. We had full round tables with lots of conversation and much laughter.


Once Fleet Captain John Speck rang the bell to open the evening, Commodore Scott Lefebvre led the Pledge of Allegiance and began thanking the evening's hosts - Past Commodore Scott Moncrieff and Sue Moncrieff. Guest Becky Heddings was recognized and then everyone that helped make the evening a success was called to the podium to be recognized. Past Commodore Gene Traupman, Angie Traupman, Jan Nagy, Ginger Newman, Irene Seiter, Marie Ross, Linda Garrity, and Mary Reinhardt. Without the help of all these wonderful members, the Blind Auction could not happen.


Commodore Lefebvre then provided encouragement for the members to attend the Annual Meeting and Recognition Dinner. He reminded members that the Annual Meeting is their chance to vote in and thank the 2024 Flag Officers and Board of Directors for stepping up to keep the IEYC going. He announced that this year, similar to last year, we will be enjoying a seven-course degustation menu. He announced that there are a couple of additional surprises to expect, so ensure that you RSVP and make it to this event!!!


Next, Commodore Lefebvre encouraged members to dust off your tuxedos and shine the sparkles in your dresses as we return to the Belleair Country Club for the annual Change of Watch. Friday December 1st is our Change of Watch Gala where your 2024 Flag Officers and Board of Directors take their seats at the table.


After the Invocation, the Dunedin Golf Club served us a wonderful gourd inspired autumnal dinner. Members and guests were treated with appetizers of Hummus with Pita Chips and Cheese Balls. We were then treated to a Butternut Squash Soup and a Warm Salad with Spinach and Savory Additions of Warm Poached Stone Fruits which was followed by the entrée of a Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sausage, Mushroom and Sage Sauce and a Pumpkin Surprise dessert to end the meal. Much appreciation to the Chef and her staff for this wonderful meal.


With the dinner complete, the shenanigans began. Past Commodore Scott Moncrieff when through his list of trinkets, tchotchkes, and miscellanea where members and guests earned "auction bucks". Marie Ross, Ginger Newman, Irene Seiter, Jan Nagy, and Angie Traupman gave out money like it was going out of style. Who'd of known that paper clips and bandages were worth so much!


Then the bidding began with Past Commodore Gene Traupman playing the role of the Blind Auctioneer at the Blind Auction. Irene Seiter was quick to the draw, spending hundreds, if not thousands, and won the first auction item. With the money flowing and auctions being won, it was a challenge to see who would win the last auction item. It was a draw, and Bunni Lefebvre and Past Commodore Scott Moncrieff split the bid on the last two items, calling it a draw. Many people got fantastic gifts.


It was a great evening... if you missed it this year, we hope we will see you next time.


Hosted by:   Past Commodore Scott and Sue Moncrieff

Date:            Sunday, October 15, 2023

Place:           Dunedin Golf Club,

                    Dunedin, FL

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