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2023 IEYC 49th Change of Watch

The 49th Annual Change of Watch of The Island Estates Yacht Club (IEYC) was held on Friday, December 1st in the Belleair Country Club’s Belle Terrace room. Twenty-nine members attended, celebrating the installation of the club’s Flag Officers and Directors to the 2024 Board of Directors.


Commodore Lefebvre and Vice Commodore Prokes greeted members as they arrived atop the grand staircase.  Members were escorted into the room where they were greeted and seated at the tables that were elegantly designed and decorated by Mary Reinhardt. Sue Moncrieff provided the table favors this year for each member unit. During the meet and mingle, Angie Traupman took the opportunity to deliver member pictures that were taken at the 2022 Change of Watch while Bunni Lefebvre took the opportunity to take pictures of members at the beautifully adorned tree.


Fleet Captain Speck ceremoniously struck the Commodore’s Bell six times ringing the event open.  After Commodore Lefebvre’s welcoming comments, he acknowledged IEYC Past-Commodores John Speck (1992), Marcia Coxhead (2010), Vivian Smith (2016), Scott Moncrieff (2019), and Gene Traupman (2020 – 2022). A moment was also taken to point out that this was the 45th Change of Watch for the John and Sue Speck and the 46th Change of Watch for Marcia Coxhead.


After a brief review of some of the highlights of 2023, Commodore Lefebvre thanked Jim and Patricia Ostrosky for sponsoring the IEYC at the Belleair Country Club again this year. He also thanked Jim Ostrosky for purchasing the IEYC burgee pins that were provided to all members in attendance.  Commodore Lefebvre then presented the 2023 Member of the Year award to a member who “has been open with opinion and gratitude. Most importantly, this member has offered assistance in hosting events, helping at events, and assisting board and committee members.” The IEYC 2023 Member of the Year is our very own Jan Nagy! This is Jan’s 30th year as a member of the IEYC. Please congratulate Jan when you see her!


The final note of recognition before beginning the Change of Watch was given to Gene and Angie Traupman, “two individuals that have given a lot to the club in a very short period of time. From throwing fabulous events to presiding as the Commodore for an unprecedented three years, and as the Social Committee Chair (also known as the Madame Butterfly).” A special thank you award was presented to Gene and Angie on behalf of the club as they are moving away and will no longer continue to be members of the IEYC. Gene and Angie will be missed.


Commodore Lefebvre began the Island Estates Yacht Club’s 49th Change of Watch explaining that this is a time-honored tradition marking the transfer or responsibility and authority of the Club’s officers from one year to the next. It is a legacy that honors the history of the Club and the continuity of command. The 2024 Board members ((FLAG OFFICERS - Commodore – Scott Lefebvre, Vice Commodore – Don Prokes, Secretary – Mary Reinhardt, Treasurer – Nancy Besley); (BOARD MEMBERS - Director (Social Committee Chair) – Bunni Lefebvre, Director – Sara Speck, Director – Ted O’Brien)) were called forward where the Oath of Office was presented and accepted. With Fleet Captain Speck sounding two bells on the Commodore’s Bell, the elected members were installed in their elected office.


The Board was then joined by Past-Commodore Scott Moncrieff (2019), and each Flag Officer was presented their IEYC Blazer Patch, Insignia, and Flag. Each Director and Past-Commodore Moncrieff were presented with an IEYC Burgee to signify their acceptance into office.


To close the Change of Watch, Commodore Lefebvre requested that Fleet Captain Speck sound eight bells to bring the 2024 Change of Watch of The Island Estates Yacht Club to a close. Commodore Lefebvre then declared; “Members of The Island Estates Yacht Club, your officers have accepted election and agreed to faithfully perform the duties you have entrusted to them. They have received their insignia and flags of office, and the Commodore’s Bell has sounded eight times, signaling the Change of Watch. Now, please stand and recognize your officers, your Board of Directors, for the 2024 year.” After a round of applause, the invocation was presented, and the members enjoyed a wonderful dinner and beautiful evening of reflection on their many years of IEYC membership and friendship.

Sponsored by Jim and Patricia Ostrosky

Date: Friday, December 1, 2023

Place: Belleair Country Club

          Belleair, FL

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