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2023 IEYC Pig Roast

Imagine a venue for a party that offered a broad range of well thought out decor designed to wash away the stresses of our daily lives, being entertained by seasoned professionals who performed beautiful vocals and music to match, plus a wonderful variety of food that had our taste buds overjoyed.  For the 39 members and guests who attended the May 21st IEYC party, they don’t have to imagine.  For those of you who didn’t attend, “A Yoga Village” in Clearwater was the venue, Ron & The Classics performed to perfection with fantastic music and songs made famous from the likes of Frank Sinatra and other stellar entertainers we’ve all enjoyed over many years and the “frosting on the cake” was an entire pig that was smoked over 12 hours by M-N-M BBQ and professionally served by the owner of the company for our party. 


If your imagination is now running over, add to all this, appetizers, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and desserts provided by our members and guests.  Beautiful wooden plaques called the Silver Spoon Award were given to attendees who brought the best homemade food in each of the 5 categories.  Three people from the staff of the “Yoga Village” served as unbiased judges to determine the winners.  In each of the categories the winners were: Sue Moncrieff - Appetizer, Tara Broadus – Potato Salad, Marie Ross – Cole Slaw, Patricia Rawlings – Baked Beans, and Marilyn Kauffman – Dessert.  CONGRATULATIONS to you all!! 


Our Hosts, Patricia Rawlings and Harry Barash were very happy to hear great comments on how much everyone enjoyed the party.  We were also honored to have the Publishers of Tampa Bay Magazine, Aaron Fodiman and Margaret Wood Burnside, attending our event.  Special thanks to our committee members, Marie Ross, Ginger Newman and Irene Seiter, along with Mary Reinhardt who did the nametags and our Treasurer of 27 years, Patricia Ostrosky, who all worked to ensure such a successful night of enjoyment.


  - Submitted by Your Hosts, Harry Barash and Patricia Rawlings

Date: Sunday, May 21, 2023

Place: The Yoga Village

          Clearwater, FL

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